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Overview of our Program 

We are a twelve-monthfaith-based, residential recovery program for men and women who are seeking recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. Our program is carefully structured and designed to deal with the spiritual, physical, and emotional elements of addiction. Instead of focusing on the problem, we focus on finding the solution and achieving a lasting and dramatic change in their lives. We believe that a productive, healthy life that is free of addiction is born out of a deep and true relationship with Jesus Christ. All the teaching, curriculum, and counseling are geared toward directing residents to the cross of Jesus.  Through Biblical teachings, we train men and women to act and respond to life’s challenges in an honorable manner according to scripture. Through our work program, we help them learn the value of hard work and good work ethics. Through strict self- disciplines we teach them to obey and respect authority.

How Do We Keep It Free?

To help fund the program, we fundraise on the weekends at a variety of locations and stores. Fundraising not only helps to provide finances for Anchored, but it also gives the opportunity to minister and spread hope to others who may be facing the struggle of addiction.  We also receive donations from churches and individuals. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which allows for any donations made to our non-profit to be considered as tax-deductible. We do not charge residents or their families for their stay. We do not bill their insurance.

A Day at Anchored

Anchored residents begin their day with a scheduled wakeup time followed by morning mediation before preparing themselves for the day. They then straighten their bed area, have breakfast, and do morning chores.

We then go to Morning Prayer, where everyone shares their "Gratefuls" then our staff shares an encouraging biblical word, followed by PRAYER, PRAISE, AND WORSHIP.

They then split the day with class, and what we refer to as work detail. Class is split into 2 parts, contract work (individual bible study) and group study. We currently use teen challenge curriculum for our group studies. The men and women individually come together and relate to certain topics and how to grow through certain situations with a biblical perspective. 

Our work detail program is designed to help instill work ethic into the residents. There are multiple components to this part of our program, the residents could be assigned to garden detail, deep cleaning the houses, lawn care or helping someone in the community with a need.

Evenings, throughout the week, will include AA meetings, Bible study with local church volunteers, and church services on Sunday and Wednesday.

Additional Services

Counseling and case management services are offered on site through Intrust Healthcare. Our counselor is in once a week to meet with residents and the case manager is in twice a month.

Once a resident has been in the program and demonstrated commitment, they are eligible to sign up for free GED classes if they do not have their high school diploma.

We are also partnered with a local DUI class instructor if a client needs DUI classes to have their license reinstated. 

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